Yazzer is a mobile gasoline delivery company that allows you to “Never Go to the Gas Station Again!” We deliver fuel to your car at work, home, or while you’re running errands! We also offer additional services including oil changes, wiper blade replacement, and air tire checks.

What areas is Yazzer servicing?

Currently, we are operating in the New Jersey market and Greater Princeton region. If you would like to use our services, but we are not in your market please contact us!

We have a variety of different pricing packages which can include FREE weekly deliveries on top of the cost of the gasoline. Your gas price will be competitively priced with the lowest gas station in your immediate area! We have additional services such as Wiper Blades and Oil Changes as well. Give us call today to discuss your specific needs!

We get our fuel from the same place that your location gas station gets its fuel. We don’t store our gasoline in underground storage tanks like your local station, which helps with preventing fuel impurities and potential contamination of the gas.

Our fuel is top tier gasoline, which goes above the minimum requirements laid out by the EPA.

Simply sign up on our website or app, upload your vehicle information, payment information and you’re ready to go Yazzer!

Our tanks, trucks, and hoses are certified by the NJ Department of Weights and Measures to ensure you’re getting 100% what you pay for!

You can order Yazzer at work, at home, at the local mall, or any other spot you feel as though you need Yazzer!

No – our expert drivers take care of everything you need. Simply order on our app or website, leave your gas flap cracked open and we take care of the rest! You come back to a car filled with gas!

100%! Our commercial drivers have more then 100 hours of training, HAZMAT certified, TSA cleared, and our trucks include aluminum tanks, spill containment kits, fire extinguishers, and our certified meters from the NJ Weights and Measures!

Not at all! We deliver in small quantities, which helps avoid any dangerous situations as you see with the big tanker trucks on the road. Other petroleum products are delivered to residential and businesses all the time! Gasoline is also easier to transport then most fuels as it is not pressurized.

Of course not! If anything, Yazzer is more eco-friendly! One Yazzer truck can do the work of 15 regular cars going back and forth to the gas station. That’s less CO2 in the air, not to mention no longer having those large tanker trucks driving to the station, underground storage tank leaks, and the spills that occur every day at the gas stations themselves from customers and gas attendants!

Almost none. Our Yazzer drivers are discharged from any static electricity because our pumps are grounded and our drivers never leave the vehicle or pump while filling. This brings the risk of fire caused by static electricity down to almost zero.

One of the great features of Yazzer is avoiding the gas station where crime is at a higher risk. We take that risk away completely, by filling up when and where you want to!

We don’t have the overhead many gas stations have. We have no retail presence and this allows us to give our customers the most aggressive pricing, convenience of delivery to you, making your life easier, less stressful, and avoiding the dreaded gas station visit!

Of course! We put an emphasis on signing up companies and businesses! Many companies use our services as a perk for their employees, recruiting, and morale!

Currently, we are not offering diesel fuel. We are making plans for eventually implementing diesel into our mobile delivery services.

Of course not! We’ll deliver to your motorcycle, lawnmower, or any other vehicle you need Yazzer!

As a member, Yazzer points are earned automatically every time you do an order with us. Over time those points add up to free oil changes, wiper blade replacement, and even free gas!

Absolutely, all major credit cards are accepted and you will earn the same rewards from your credit card company when you use Yazzer.

You can check us out on our website www.goyazzer.com, our app available in the Apple and Android stores, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram!

Go Yazzer

Yazzer is the most convenient way to get your car filled with gasoline. We will deliver anywhere, anytime.